ANGELS all around us

BelievewingWe lost this summer to war and fear. Let's not lose the belief in who we are. Let's not lose contact with the positive and creative energy of the civilised world. We need one another right now to reaffirm who we are and our vision for the world around us!

We must remind ourselves that there is much goodness yet in the world. And we must realize that we have a role to play in that goodness. A colleague, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, recently remarked that at his lowest ebb, battling what seemed insurmountable odds with cancer that was metastasizing, he found out Angels are real. A nurse by the name of Charles stayed by his bedside every night, caring for not only his body but his spirit. He says that without people like Charles he very well may have given in to despair. But today he is alive. Angels like Charles exist, not with halos and wings, but real flesh and blood human beings who bless our lives at all sorts of moments of need. Our challenge, to be one of those angels when others need us, and to see those angels around us when we are in need.

Join us as together as a community we renew our spirit and welcome the possibilities of the New Year!

B'shalom, Rabbi Jan

High Holy Days 2014/5775

Erev Rosh Hashanah Wednesday, September 24
Rosh Hashanah Thursday, September 25
Kol Nidre Friday, October 3
Yom Kippur Saturday, October 4