This is a time of the year when we reflect, forgive, hope, and renew.   Our Torah portion on Yom Kippur explains that the words of illumination that help us to renew ourselves are not far away from us. They are not atop some mountain or across some impossible ocean to which we have to travel. Rather, they are within our minds and our hearts. The power of rekindling passion and starting anew is found in the songs, prayers, and celebration of this time of year. Taking part helps us become who we are meant to be. On Yom Kippur we reconnect to our best and brightest selves.

kol nidre high holidaysLast week at Bayit Shelanu, we gathered together for our personal and power-filled Rosh Hashanah services. Join us this Friday night for Kol Nidre and Saturday, for Yom Kippur day. Our wondrous soloist, Grammy-winning Ayana Haviv, will lead us in song joined by the accomplished composer/musician-Bruce Garnitz. Broadway's own Rena Strober, star of Les Miserables, will share several songs from the theatre to gladden our hearts.  And the incomparable cellist, Mathew Cooker, returns to lend his magical music to deepen our experience in prayer and in community.

Lift your heart in The Art of Renewal. Let's make a difference our souls can feel.  

Gemar Chatima Tovah-May you and yours be sealed (in the Book of Life) for a year of goodness.