A New Year, A New You

As we pause in the year and are mindful of all we have done and all we have yet to do, it is the coming Jewish holidays that teach us.

Not Rosh Hashana, that's way down the line, no now is the time for Tu Bshvat, the new year of trees in early February. Here Judaism pauses to give thanks for nature and the cycle of rebirth after winter (tell that to family and friends back east!)

In March we experience Purim, the holiday of merriment, costumes, humor. Yes, the story celebrates a Jewish victory from the Hamans of the world, but also the key role played by women in Judaism (the scroll we read from is called the Megillah of Esther).

We also welcome one of the three major festivals at the end of Match on into Spring-Passover-Festival of Freedom. We can never take freedom for granted and the holiday tells us with stories, wine, matzah, and Seders, that we are a people mindful of such gifts and hard-earned liberation.

Here's to celebrating these other holidays that teach us how to count our blessings!


Tu Bshvat February 4, 2015

Purim March 4, 2015

Pesach April 3 - 11, 2015

Erev Rosh Hashanah sunday, September 13
Rosh Hashanah Monday, September 14
Kol Nidre Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Yom Kippur Wednesday, september 23, 2015